Bottled Water


U-Fill (Self serve)

Refill your own container or purchase one of our many sizes. Refill Reverse Osmosis Water for only 18¢ /litre.


18.9L $3.24
11L $1.98
10L $1.80

Or you can purchase one of our Water Packages and save!



Water Packages

18 Litre Bottles

Bottles Pay Only Save Unit Cost
7 $19.99 $2.69 $2.85
12 $33.60 $5.28 $2.80
25 $67.50 $13.50 $2.70
38 $98.80 $24.32 $2.60
45 $112.50 $33.30 $2.50

11 Litre Bottles

Bottles Pay Only Save Unit Cost
11 $19.99 $1.79 $1.82
20 $33.60 $6.00 $1.68
41 $67.50 $13.60 $1.65
62 $98.80 $23.96 $1.60


Pre-Bottled Water

We offer Pre- Bottled 18.9L Reverse Osmosis Water OR Spring Water for $4.49 per jug.*

*must make a one time purchase of a The Water Store bottle for $10.00 per bottle.

Bottles Pay Only Save Unit Cost
7 $30.10 $1.33 $4.33
12 $50.40 $3.48 $4.20
25 $102.50 $9.75 $4.10
38 $152.00 $18.62 $4.00

Description of Water – Reverse Osmosis Water

Reverse Osmosis (R/O) is a water treatment process which forces water through a semi-permeable membrane that has very small holes or “pores.” Water passes through and impurities are left behind and flushed away leaving the water 98% pure.

R/O removes impurities such as chlorine, aluminum, lead, pesticides, herbicides, nitrates, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, antibiotics, chemicals, PCB’s, arsenic, and many more.

R/O water is used for all your drinking water needs. From tea and coffee to juices and cooking. R/O water makes all your beverages taste great and enhances food tastes.

Reverse Osmosis improves the taste and odour of your water making it taste fresh and pure.


Spring Water

Our spring water comes from a natural spring just north of Woodbridge, Ontario. Spring water contains in-organic minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium. It is drawn from the spring and run through a bacterial disinfection system. The Water Store spring water is delivered weekly from our supplier.