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Never Carry a Bag of Salt Again

GEORGINA, Ontario–After more than 80 years of softening water using the addition of salt, to counteract the negative impacts of hard water, The Water Store has added an innovative salt free water conditioner to their line of water treatment systems.

The Next ScaleStop water conditioner incorporates advanced technology that is based on Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC)—a revolutionary physical water treatment process that eliminates the need for salt, maintenance, a clock and back washing.

“One of the reasons people don’t like softeners is because they don’t like the idea of adding sodium to their house water, using ion exchange (softening). This is a chemical process that removes calcium and magnesium which are essential minerals” said Harry Lloyd, proprietor of The Water Store in Keswick. “Now, residents can eliminate the build-up of scale in their pipes, in their appliances and on their fixtures without using salt in their water, and retain the essential minerals” he said.

TAC is a crystallization process that incorporates the use of microscopic, specially-treated polymer beads to attract hardness minerals such as dissolved calcium and magnesium. The minerals are then transformed into harmless, sub-microscopic crystals that preserve the benefits of calcium and magnesium in the water while eliminating hard water issues. The technology will also remove existing scale from pipes and water heaters.

In addition to preventing and removing hard water build up, the salt free Next ScaleStop unit is also equipped with advanced carbon filtration technology that has been shown to be effective against a broad range of contaminants including chlorine in municipal water.

“It is a complete water treatment system that offers benefits throughout the house,” said Lloyd. “It results in great tasting water, complete scale protection, cleaner/whiter clothes, spot-free glasses and dishes and requires no salt, chemicals or electricity.”

The Water Store in Keswick is an independently-owned retailer of water treatment systems and water treatment accessories serving the GTA including York and Durham regions. It is a co-operative of The Water Store Group. Further information on the company, it products and the new Next ScaleStop technology can be found at

Media Contact: Harry Lloyd,
The Water Store, 190 Simcoe Ave., Keswick, ON
(905) 476-6633
Friday, April 25, 2008